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The dangers of a broken screen

As much as cars are safe when properly used, they could also be dangerous. A car has several parts that, if broken no matter how small, may cause bigger and worse problems. One of these problems could be a broken windscreen. This is one of the most important parts of the car, that’s why whenever you encounter any problems with it, you immediately go to a specialist. So, why is a broken windscreen dangerous?

Dangers of a broken Windscreen

A broken windscreen is more than just drops of rain getting into your car during the rainy seasons of Western Australia. There are several risks that come with it:

  •  Blind Spots

No matter how big or small the damage is, it’ll get bigger and bigger if you don’t have it replaced immediately. The cracks will give you blind spots that are obviously a risk, especially if you’re driving in Perth or Newman.

  •  Obstruction to Airbags

Windscreens aid the airbag, whenever it inflates so that it will be pushed towards the passengers. A broken windscreen is already compromised and might be dislodged by the pressure coming from the opening of the airbag. With this, the windscreen won’t be able to aid you properly and will put you at risk. If you ever have accidents, airbags might not be able to protect you from impact.

  •  Weakened Structure

The windscreen is one of the parts that hold everything in your car in place, including the roof of the car. A damaged windscreen is weaker and doesn’t help keep everything in place. If you keep your broken windscreen, the roof will get weaker and weaker which might eventually collapse. This risk will be made even worse if ever you meet an accident, and the collapsed roof adds to the problem.

Replace or Repair

With both being so costly, it’s necessary to differentiate replacement and repair. There are several factors that you need to consider:

  •  Location

The location of the damage plays an important part in determining whether it can still be salvaged through repair. If it’s in the driver’s direct line of sight, then it should be replaced because it leaves distortions and can lead to a dangerous blind spot.

  •  Size

Small cracks and chips can still be repaired, but if it has already damaged both the internal and external layers of the windscreen, it should be replaced. Chips and cracks up to 7.5 centimeters can be repaired but will need to be inspected by a specialist.

  • Replacement of Windscreen

Now that it’s clear that the windscreen should be replaced as soon as it got severely broken, there’s a good place in Western Australia that caters to a windscreen replacement. You don’t have to worry about violating any rules or putting yourself at risk with Dean’s Autoglass. With 3 branches, these Newman, Kalgoorlie, and Perth windscreen replacement specialists will make sure that your car is back on track and your safety is guaranteed.

There are various benefits when you have it replaced with Dean’s Autoglass:

  •  Value for Money

At this shop, your sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. Their services are one of the best in Western Australia, and they make sure that the customer is satisfied is safe. The company uses glass that has passed the requirements for Australian Design Rule and complied with Australian standards. After all, they value safety and comfort.

  •  Caters to Any Model

Regardless of what model your car has, you can rely on these guys to repair your windscreen in no time. Whether you have just one car or dozens of cars, these guys will cater to your request for a replacement. Just make sure to inform them properly.

  •  Fast Turnaround

Not having a car in Western Australia can be quite a hassle. Having your windscreen replaced with these guys won’t take up so much time and won’t make you wait for a couple of days. you can guarantee that it’ll be done in no time.

  •  On-Call Service

For as long as roads can reach you, you’ll be able to rely on their mobile services because they can go to you using their fully fitted vehicles. No need to compromise your safety and drive around with a broken windscreen because they can come to you.

Considering all these factors, you should definitely have a broken windscreen replaced because cracks and chips eventually get bigger. A replacement will cost the same now or in the future, so might as well get one now. And the best place you can have it replaced is at Dean’s Autoglass.

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