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Natural Eye Inflammation Treatment for Eye Disorders!

Research has confirmed that vision problems are closely related to issues of toxicity.   To understand why vision disorders are related to toxicity we need to discuss inflammation.  So today we’re talking about eye inflammation treatment for eye disorders.

So what is inflammation? There are multiple long and complicated explanations that can explain this function of the immune system, but it can be defined as the reaction of a part of the body to injury or infection, characterized by swelling, heat, redness and pain.

The condition includes increased blood flow with an invasion of white blood cells and other chemical substances that facilitate healing. This is a good thing, and it is absolutely necessary to create an acute inflammatory response to an injury or infection.

Unfortunately, there are now cases of chronic inflammation, which is a whole different story, because this is where chronic health problems begin.  If the immune system is constantly exposed to things that cause the immune system to activate an inflammatory response, then the body never completes the healing process.

Healthier Living for Eye Inflammation Treatment

This is stressful on the body and can cause the immune system to lose the ability to self-regulate itself. These things that the body is reacting to, is a variety of things, however they all have something in common – they cause irritation and/or injury to the body.  That’s why we call them toxins and you need to get them out of your body so that you can decrease the inflammatory reaction.

This is why cleaning up your diet, improving water quality, decreasing exposure to unnecessary toxins such as plastics and chemicals from your home environment is so important.  It is vital to reduce the exposure to toxins as much as you can. While it can be difficult to regulate air quality in your area or protect yourself from toxins when you are out and about, you can control what you eat, the water quality in your home and what you choose to put on your body.  Then you can decrease the overall exposure to toxins, which is crucial for decreasing inflammation in the body.

Inflammation can be classified as either acute or chronic.  Acute inflammation is the initial response of the body to either a toxin, infection or injury. This stimulus causes the area of the body to produce an increase in plasma and leukocytes to fight this attack.

This initial reaction then produces pain, swelling and redness.  As the inflammation progresses, the local vascular and immune system contributes to this process. Prolonged inflammation, known as chronic inflammation, leads to a progressive shift in the type of cells that are present at the site of inflammation.

Microcurrent as a Natural Eye Inflammation Treatment

If the inflammation persists, chronic tissue changes take place leading to the death of the cell and scar tissue.  Quick and gentle elimination of the inflammation is the best way to prevent the chronic changes. Many traditional treatments use suppressive treatments that do not treat the underlying cause but simply reduce the swelling.  These treatments are non-homeopathic and go against natural laws of healing.

Microcurrent, however, can be very valuable in eye inflammation treatment and at the same time, it stimulates cellular activity and regeneration.

Homeopathic Treatment of Eye Inflammation

Apis mellifica:  This remedy relieves swollen eyelids with itching, relieved by cold compresses.

Argentum nitricum:  Swelling with yellowish or pus-like discharge, and redness and inflammation of the whites and inner corners of the eyes, suggest the use of this remedy.

Euphrasia officinalis:  This remedy relieves eye irritation with irritating tears and clear, non-irritant nasal discharge.

Sulphur:  This remedy may be helpful if the eyes are very red and irritated, with burning, smarting, sticking pains and a nagging itch.

It is important that you take care of anything that can cause an increase in chronic inflammation, because it is affecting your vision.  I hope those of you who are in the program keep up with the cleaner and healthier living, and for those you who are not in the program – get started on decreasing your inflammation today.  Your vision depends on it!

If you are interested in learning more about homeopathic or alternative eye inflammation treatments, visit our website today then seek a referral from your physician.

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