Low Cost Auto Insurance in OH for Your Teen Driver: FAQs

If you are a new driver or you have a child who is a new driver, the process of obtaining low-cost auto insurance in OH for teens can be complicated. Today’s blog will answer some of the most commonly asked questions we’re asked about car insurance for teens.

Will teen drivers pay more than adults for low-cost auto insurance in OH?
The insurance business shapes the pricing platform around risk and statistics. And statistics show that teen drivers tend to be involved in more accidents.

Teen drivers often display hazardous behavior that elevates the odds that they will have an accident. However, when they reach the age of 25, the rates begin to balance out because their accident risk drops.

Will the price of my premium increase if I add a teen driver?
You can typically expect your rates to increase significantly if you add a teen driver.

How can Parents with teens reduce their rates?
Responsibility is key in estimating insurance rates, irrespective of age. Teens can improve their chances of finding low-cost auto insurance through one or more of the following ways:

  • Keep your grades up: Good student discounts are often available to those students who keep at least a B average. Responsible teens are often more mature and exercise greater caution behind the wheel, thus fewer accidents.
  • Maintain a good driving record that is free of violations and accidents: Parents can promote safe driving by putting rules in place for cell phones, car use, and passengers. Some usage-based programs even let parents oversee their child’s driving habits.
  • Complete an approved driver’s education course.

Does driving a vehicle that is safer to help teens get better rates for auto insurance in OH?
The make and model and features of the vehicle you drive matters regardless of your age.

Include the following to get the best car insurance rates:

  • Crash protection.
  • Better safety features.
  • Larger body: Avoid sports cars designed for speed, as well as trucks and SUVs.

Should I add my teen to my policy or get them a new one?
In many cases, car insurance is less expensive for teens when they’re added to their parents’ policies. But it is wise to get quotes for both, as many factors are taken under consideration. For instance, if your teen has a vehicle that is low in value, it might be cheaper for him or her to purchase his own policy and omit certain optional coverages, such as comprehensive and collision.

When does a teen need coverage?
Because the laws vary between states, this is a question you need to ask your insurance agent when your teen begins learning to drive. Some companies don’t require a youthful driver to be added until he/she becomes licensed. Other carriers need to be informed the moment the teen begins driving, even with a permit.

If you have any questions regarding lowering auto insurance rates for teen drivers in OH that haven’t been answered here, contact our office today at 330-337-9557. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to help!