How to Keep Your Bathroom in Good Shape?

Your bathroom is definitely one of the most important compartments or rooms in your house since it is always busy. A bathroom has a considerable number of plumbing fixtures and fittings compared with any other rooms in the house.

Because the bathroom is typically one of the most used rooms in a house a bathroom, it often gets messy and experiences a build-up of bacteria, mold, and grime.

For that reason, it is not easy to keep your bathroom in good shape and it is not because of lack of trying.

It is important that as a homeowner you keep your bathroom in good shape to avoid things like clogged drains, burst pipes and leaking tap Perth. Clogged drains are expensive and time-consuming to fix apart from the fact that they carry harmful bacteria that poses a health risk to you and your family. A leaking or burst pipe, on the other hand, can get you expensive water bilsl and damage your flooring and ceiling.

Here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

Keep It Clean

You must regularly clean the pipes, sinks, walls, floors and any other parts or surfaces of your bathroom. Cleaning of sinks and pipes is important for the purpose of avoiding blockages which may be costly to fix. Furthermore, you should understand that it is not advised for you to flush down the drain any material that cannot decompose.

You can sanitize faucets by employing the use of wipes or a solution utilizing the use of plant oils for viruses and germs killing.

Replace Outdated Pipes

Your bathroom should not have any outdated pipes since they are usually more susceptible to different kinds of plumbing problems such as breakage, corrosion, or blockages. Lead pipes should be replaced as it is bad for your health, especially for children and babies. Consider replacing your pipes if your house was built before 1970.

The Right Fixtures

You should only install the right fixtures in your bathroom. The right fixtures make it possible for you to access different areas or surfaces of the bathroom for proper cleaning without utilizing too much effort. If you get given the opportunity to renovate your bathroom, focus on this matter when you pick your furniture and plumbing features.

Shower Curtains

It is important that you choose the right curtain for your bathroom. You should use curtains made from washable polyester or nylon instead of vinyl shower curtains. Vinyl curtains containing phthalates can be harmful to reproductive health. Alternatively, you can use a bathroom glass door.

In terms of washing, machine washable fabric or plastic curtains and liners can be rinsed using warm water to eliminate mildew and mould.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

The use of chemical drain or grout cleaners should be avoided. While the acidic chemicals may be effective in the short run, eventually they lead to corrosion as they severely damage the drainpipe. If it is not possible for you to eliminate a clogged drain using a plunger, then you should use the service of a professional plumber.

For grout cleaning, you can use a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda instead of using chemical grout cleaners. This allows you to save some money and it is eco-friendly.

Use Drain Covers to Protect Drains

When a drain is exposed, it is most likely to trap soap scum, hair and other small objects such as toothpaste caps. Using bathroom mesh drain covers will help protect your drainpipes against picking up elements that lead to an open drain getting clogged. Additionally, always remember that the drain covers should be regularly cleaned to avoid the possibility of them slowing drainage.

Rely on a Plumbing Repairs Specialist

You should employ the use of a bathroom plumbing specialist since any bathroom fitting is a long-term investment and so, any installation, fitting, or repair job must be done appropriately. A bathroom plumbing expert, in the long term, saves you both time and money in fixing your different plumbing needs.

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