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Characteristics You Need in an Everyday Carry Knife

Everyday carry knives are popular for many reasons. While one person may carry a knife for cutting stray threads and clothing tags, another may carry one as a self-defence tool. The reasons for carrying are as plentiful as the number everyday carry knives for sale on the market.

Whether you carry a knife for utility, emergencies, defence or convenience, it’s important to know what characteristics to look for before you buy.

Legal requirements

You need to find out what the legal conditions are in your country or state before you can choose a good carry knife. For example, many countries have banned the carry of fixed blade knives. In these countries, you’ll need to buy a non-lockable folder. Some countries also have specific requirements for legal blade lengths. It’s pointless carrying a knife that will land you in hot water when law enforcement spots it.

Blade length

Most people choose a blade length in the range between the two and five inches. Larger blades will give you greater reach while smaller blades offer greater control. The blade length you choose must be a good fit for your needs.

Blade access

The opening mechanism on everyday carry knives must give you quick access to the blade. A spring-assisted mechanism is the best choice to deploy the blade at lightning speeds using only one hand. This is a great feature provided that it will work for your hand dexterity. If you’re left-handed, make sure the knife is suitable for deployment using either hand.

Secure grip

A good knife will give you a secure grip in all situations and weather conditions. Without this feature, your hand could easily slip off the handle and onto the blade when you apply force. Choose a knife with a grip that suited to your hand features. This includes the size of your hand and the shape and length of your fingers.


Contemporary manufacturing techniques now mean you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a high-quality knife. For example, a blade that has been cryogenically treated will not only stay sharp for longer but will also be more resistant to corrosion. A Titanium Nitride coated blade is extra durable, and more resistant to scratches and peeling. Check the quality rating of all the knife’s components, including any joints in the structure.

Ask the online sales team to help you make the best choice when you’re looking at buying everyday carry knives for sale online, and can’t test the grip yourself.

Value-added features

Some knives come with value-added bonus features. Emergency value adds could include a glass breaker, or seat belt and paracord cutter. Survival value adds could include a built-in torch or fire starter rod.

The choice is yours

An everyday carry knife could be used for anything from peeling an apple to sparking a life-saving fire. Take the time to compare the characteristics of a few suitable knives so you can choose the one that will suit your unique needs.

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