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Car Rental Mallorca Airport -10 Important Facts

Once you land in Mallorca, the best way of getting around the island is to use car rental from Palma Mallorca Airport.  Unless you have a transfer to your hotel included in your holiday package, I would always recommend car rental from Mallorca´s main airport. My personal experiences without a rental car included waiting hours in the heat, tired from traveling, for a bus that eventually arrived to collect us very grumpy passengers. I am now a convert; I always take a rental car.

To help you make the most out of your car rental, I have compiled a list of 10 important facts you should know about car rental Mallorca airport.

1. Booking your rental car early is always cheaper

The simplest and easiest way to get a good deal on car rental Mallorca airport is to book early. Car rental companies are like airlines and increase the prices as the pick-up date nears. My general rule for booking a rental car is that I do it the same day that I book my flights. Then I know I am giving myself the best chance at getting a great offer on my rental car.

2. Know what size rental car that you need

An easy way to narrow down your search for car rental Mallorca airport or for any location is to know what size car you need before you start. I look at the pictures of the car classes. They usually show you how many doors a car has, how many people it is suitable for, and how many bags fit in the boot. The spacing is usually exactly as the picture says, without an inch more space. Other than that, pick the smallest car you need as prices can vary from €11 per day for a small car to €50+ per day for the bigger model.

3. Keep an eye out for special offers

While you are searching for your rental car, keep an eye out for any special offers for Mallorca airport. I have seen free additional driver, free GPS, 20% discount, guaranteed make and model, and guaranteed new car special offers available for this year. The offers change every few days, so you need to keep an eye out for them. It can often save a lot of money on your rental.

4. What Car Rental Extras do you REALLY need?

Standard extras on car rental Mallorca Airport include Child Seats, GPS, WIFI and Sports equipment, these are all available as options and usually subject to a day charge on top of your car rental price. As parent who often travels with kids, I usually weigh up the cost of the kid´s car seats versus the hassle of bringing them with me. In Mallorca the cost of extras varies per car rental company, here are 3 examples

  • Child Car Seats:
    • Europcar – €6.99 per day (Booster) or €9.99 per day (Child/Infant Seat), max €69 per rental
    • Hertz – €11 per day, max of €60 per rental
    • Intercar – €7.95 per day, max of €96 per rental
  • GPS prices with your rental car:
    • Europcar – €16.49 per day, max €89 per rental
    • Hertz -€15 per day, no maximum
    • Intercar -€7.95 per day; maximum €120 per rental

Wifi prices seem standard enough at €8 per day, however, if you are European, you should no longer have Roaming charges and you won´t require this extra expense. I also always use my phone instead of a GPS, allowing even more savings!

5. Which Fuel Policy should you choose?

Fuel policies can vary by provider but also by contract. I always choose Full to Full fuel policy as I know that I start with a full tank and drop it back the same way. This saves a lot of thinking and stressing about how much fuel to put in or what it costs with the other fuel policies that are sometimes available. For car rental in Mallora airport, I see that all providers are offering this fuel policy.

Before returning your rental car to Palma Airport, remember that fuel stations at the airport are never the cheapest. We found a two within three kilometers of the airport, both Repsol, one on Camí de Son Fangos 151 and the other on Camí de Can Pastilla 35.

6. What to do at the Car Rental Desk

Check out what car rental insurance you have, and at this point you allow the car rental company to place a block for the excess amount on your credit card. If you do not want an excess on your card, then you can purchase extra insurance at a daily rate.

I always ask them to confirm my fuel policy, I ask where I should drop back my car back, and then I get ready to inspect my car, filling out the damage form and taking pictures where necessary.

7. Are your Pick-up or drop-off times out of normal office hours?

It´s important to note that there are extra charges for picking up or dropping off your rental car in Mallorca outside of standard collection times. In Palma airport, these times are usually between 11pm and 7am. If you have a very early flight, for example, you may be charged an extra fee.

8. Are you a young driver – here is what you need to know!

In Palma Airport they don’t accept driver under the age of 21. If you are between 21 and 25 years old, then you will only be allowed to rent smaller car classes and you will be required to pay extra for the young driver supplement.

9. What do you do if you need to cancel your car rental?

When you book your rental car, you can check out the cancellation policy. Most companies allow a full cancellation anywhere from 3 days to 24 hours before your pick up. After that period there is often a fee to be paid. If you do need to cancel, do it as soon as possible to avoid extra fees.

10. Our most important piece of advice – Compare, Compare, Compare!

Take all the information above into consideration for your booking, and then use an online car rental comparison site such as Car Booker. They will compare all the car rental companies in Mallorca airport and get the best deal for you, as you can clearly see what you are paying for, as well as having all the car rental companies compared in one easy step. Happy booking and safe driving!

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