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Best Marinas on Lake Huron

When you’re looking for Lake Huron marinas with access to the best dockside marine services in Michigan, don’t settle for anything but the very best. Don’t take my word for it: a bad dock is known by its shoddy choice in service providers, and the knowledge often comes at a high emotional and financial price for the boat owner.

When you need a repair, it’s critical that your dock knows to call the real experts, the ones with the experience to fix your boat’s engine and the sensitivity to listen to your concerns. If your boat is new or getting an upgrade, your marina should already know which dockside services will install your accessories without hassle the first time – and get it right, too!

That goes double if you’re installing something with wires, such as GPS or underwater LEDs. When you mess around with electricity and water, you want a dock with the very best possible service provider.

This is your boat we’re talking about. It’s not just a toy. It’s summers with your family. It’s the sun on the water. It’s the getaway that you deserve.

These marinas allow the best service in Michigan to come right up to the dock where your boat’s staying. Rest assured that you’ll see only the best in service at these stellar locations!

Port Sanilac Marina

Port Sanilac is our firmest recommendation for a private marina. In addition to its top-of-the-line facility, this gem of Lake Huron also sells watercraft from kayaks to yachts.

While most of their tenants are sailboats, powerboats are welcome too. Port Sanilac is a full service certified marina, and they pride themselves upon their ability to keep your craft in tip-top shape. If there’s something wrong with your boat that you can’t fix, they know exactly who to call!

Eagle Bay Marina

Way on the western side of Lake Huron in a protected little cul-de-sac lies Eagle Bay Marina, a bucolic gem ideal for fishers and sportsmen. If you’re a walleye fan, then you can’t miss this spot.

Not only will you land some of the best catches of your life, but you’ll find a community of like-minded people who live for the marine life and all of its benefits. If you ever get tired of landing big fish – I’m not saying that you ever will, but if you do – then there’s also a free shuttle to the nearby Saganing Eagles Landing Casino.

Port Huron Yacht Club

At the very southern tip of Lake Huron lies a yacht club like no other. Racers and boat racing fans will particularly appreciate the competitive speed culture at this facility, where multiple races run each year.

Their stunning fleet of state-of-the-art sailing vessels cut the wind like no others. This is a place where dockside marine services of MI aren’t just luxuries. They’re critical to the only goal that matters: winning. Trust them to know the best. Ask them about Sea Scouts, too!

Oldford’s Marina Inc.

Here’s a place to kick back and relax! Lexington is a charming little town, and Oldford’s is an equally charming marina. Whether you’re docking for the day or the season, they have a variety of options available for all sorts of boats. Calm and secure within strong breakwaters, this is an ideal place to spend a mini vacation enjoying your watercraft.

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