About Us

We are a platform that encourages small businesses to utilize the resources we place in their reach and each other in perfecting their daily operations to find much needed growth. That expressed, we acknowledge the fact that very few others in pursuit of missions like ours do, that we are neither knowledgeable in all fields of business, nor are we alone able to reach our goal without the actual target’s participation.

Business people with many years experience running companies varying from plumbing to marketing firms and tech startups, all meet and share their vast knowledge gained through daily contact with each other.

On a daily basis we publish some of the gems in running the kinds of businesses that present themselves to us, and much like the quill was used back in the day, we are writers on history that will continue to educate the world way after all our writers are gone.

Marketing is by far one of the most diverse genres of content that our readers turn up to read, along with the technology news and updates that are streamed to them in near real-time. This in itself is a challenge that we have agreed to take up and supply vital business knowledge to all the readers that turn up on our platform regularly.

We have a rather straightforward mission statement, one that can be summed by the daily efforts that we take to get more people in the light in as far as the business knowledge and networking opportunities that we represent as a platform.

Contributors to the platform, in the form of the actual businesses from which knowledge will be extracted by the rest of our audience have been the hinge on which we swing past hard times in the business world. They share ideas proven to take their businesses ahead regardless of what might be happening in the world, they too are the reason why we are still in operation.

The unmistakable signature of perfectly crafted content that you will appreciate on each page of this platform, are among the efforts we refresh on a daily basis to simultaneously entertain and educate everyone who visits us and my go on to become a part of our vision.

Looking further into all the contributors and the tide of the task we laid on ourselves, it is not long before businesses start coming into form right from this platform.