8 Advantages of RTMP for iOS and How You Can Make Full Use of It

RTMP is an old protocol, owned by Adobe and tightly bound to Flash technology from the very beginning of its existence. Even though Flash has been deprecated after dominating over the content rich web for many years, RTMP is still alive thanks to some obvious advantages fostering its widespread over numerous network monitoring company applications.

Undoubtedly, newly developed protocols can boast close functionality, but presence on the market for quite a long time makes RTMP special in sense of compatibility with an entire generation of video streaming software. Let us take a more attentive look at those RTMP key features that are still in urgent demand among software developers.

1. RTMP supports so-called publishing when a live media stream is pushed by a client to a server for further distribution. Many modern protocols lack this publishing feature. If a future app is expected to provide their users with a function of publishing video streams in social networks, it definitely should use RTMP.

2. RTMP has the client mode that allows your app watching live streams directly from RTMP servers. It means that users can watch live streams from such popular servers as Wowza or Red5.

3. RTMP has the server mode which can be used to broadcast your live streams to RTMP clients as well as create simple two-sided media communication between two devices.

4.  VASTreaming RTMP library for iOS provides all these client, publisher and server modes in fast, efficient and light code, without any external dependencies.

5. VASTreaming RTMP library for iOS publishing mode provides the ability to publish a live stream from almost any client capture device to a RTMP server, what can ensure some prospect in the quickly changing world of client devices. Your RTMP-based application will receive media source independence. Camera, microphone, screen capture, or any other media can be used as a source for publishing. Moreover, on certain platforms, it is possible to mix the following video sources together in real-time: 

  • One or more camera capture
  • Screen capture
  • Overlay text
  • Overlay static or dynamic image (e.g. GIF file) with preserving the transparency


6.  VASTreaming RTMP library for iOS can also work as a client to receive a stream from an RTMP server and play it on an end user’s device. The necessary UI controls are provided on all supported platforms, developers can easily integrate them in their client-oriented apps. One of the big advantages of these controls is very low latency (on certain platforms only), what can be crucial for such applications as video chats or video game streaming.

7. VASTreaming RTMP library for iOS allows creating simple RTMP server with the ability to ingest published streams as well as re-distribute streams to connected clients. Server-oriented functions can be a good base for the development of new server-side applications unfolding new possibilities for video content providers.

8. Extensive support for developers and quick-to-help service to answer any question arises while the VASTreaming library use. You can get even a full-scale supervising over the integration of streaming libraries into your projects.

The listed above advantages stand behind the long-time popularity of RTMP and its libraries. Any of these features can indicate a new direction in software development, ensuring powerful tools for implementation of most breath-taking ideas.


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