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5 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are perhaps the most modern and convenient of all the types of window blinds out there. Unlike other window blinds, they do not have many individual slats. Instead, these blinds are made of a single piece of material rolled and mounted over your window. This simple yet classy design is the reason why many Aussies prefer roller-type blinds over other types.

Roller blinds will definitely make your room a lot more beautiful and cosy. Not only that, but you will be more in control with the lighting and privacy in your room. With the right blinds, you can actually give more life to your room.

We can help you find the perfect blinds for you. Here are five things you need to keep in mind when looking for the best roller blinds.

  • Your window and room type

Before you decide which blinds are the best, you must first consider the entire room as a whole. This includes the size of your room, the dimensions of the windows, and the furniture and ornaments around. Knowing this information can help you answer these questions: Are blinds really what my room needs? How wide and high should the blinds be to fit the windows? And does the colour and texture of the stuff around work well with a blinds?

If you want regular roller-type blinds, then make sure that there is ample space above your windows. You need this space to mount the pole of your blinds, where the material is rolled on. Otherwise, you can have them attached on the topmost of your window openings. Doing this, however, will limit your view of the outside.

  • The colour and fabric that suits your room

Given the style of the room, you can now choose the colour and material for the blinds. Some fabrics offer a more natural vibe so this will suit well for a wooden or natural room. Some designs scream a more modern appeal, which works best in a modernised room.

We at Watson offer a range of fabrics with varying textures and colours that will suit your liking. Feel free to select a design for your blinds here.

  • The ability to provide shade and privacy

The type of fabric you choose will also determine the brightness and privacy of your room. If you want to block most of the light, then you should go for thicker and more opaque materials. Blinds that are made of tinted fiberglass or dark and thick cotton will help you block more light.

On the other hand, you may want more natural lighting for your room. If this is the case, then you should look for blinds with lighter materials. These materials include lighter cotton, linens, and synthetic fabrics.

  • The cost of the roller blinds

Some roller blinds are more expensive than others. The cheaper ones have a visible external system so you can see the different mechanisms of the blinds. You can find cheap ones that either blocks or filters the light, with not much price difference. The more expensive ones, on the other hand, are far more stylish and aesthetic. These even have extra features such as valances which are perfect for your office or living room.

  • The manner of operating the roller blinds

Because of technology, we have more convenient ways to manipulate the things around us. This is also true for window blinds. Traditionally, we pull a cord to control the height of our blinds manually. We still operate some cheaper roller-type blinds this way. But now, some expensive blinds can be adjusted easily using remote control.

Give More Life to Your Room with Roller Blinds

Window blinds are more than just a shield against too much sunlight. With the right type of blinds, they make your home cosier and safer to live in.

Now that you know how to pick blinds that are perfect for your room, you can have them installed in no time. Watson Blinds offers quality window furnishing services in Canberra. Call us today at 02 6280 4443 for more details!

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