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10 Things to know About Online Doctor Visits.

Covid-19 pandemic was extremely dreadful for all the right reasons (well it still is!) but you have to give this devil it’s credit for teaching us the importance of having a strong system of telehealth that defies arguments of failure of provision of quality health care support due to limited access. Along with raising questions on different corners in the healthcare system in general, the pandemic has specifically advocated the significance of having online portals where people can raise their medical concerns and get expert advice, when they can’t afford to go out of their homes. 

Telehealth: The Way Out?

While it’s essential to create such opportunities, it’s equally important to provide complete awareness to people regarding the utilities of an online health system (also, how to approach such a portal of quality health services). Here’s a beginner’s guide that will definitely serve the purpose.

Where Can I Find Online Health Specialists?

Online Health Specialists


There are various health brands and companies that are currently providing the services of online consultations and appointments. All these portals follow simple and easy to grasp sign-up and log-in protocols for accessing skilled professionals from across the globe. You can select a professional of your choice based on relevant expertise, book and appointment and have in-detail session to discuss your medical concerns and get a professional advice.

Are these Visits Safe?

Visits Safe


Yes, the online sessions are completely safe and private where all the ethical considerations are given due care and patient’s information is kept confidential all the time.


How Convenient Are These Online Visits?

Convenient Are These Online Visits


The online visits are more convenient and comfortable than actual clinical visits. You can literally enjoy expert opinions from the comfort of your homes. There is no need to travel long distances or to exert oneself if a person is suffering from a condition of reduced mobility.

Are these Online Visits any Fruitful?

Online Visits any Fruitful


Visits with an online doctor are very productive indeed. Highly learned professionals thoroughly examine you and suggest various treatments and interventions based on the status of your condition. General statistics for the efficacy of such visits clearly show that on average 85 percent of the people who opt for online consultations report complete solution of their issues after a telehealth visit (the remaining 15 percent are the ones who require any additional examinations or treatments).

What do Other People Think? Are They Happy with The Service?

Happy with The Service


People are generally “Happy” and satisfied with these visits and their outcomes because of the professional treatment that they receive on such online portals. Most of the telehealth websites and apps receive 4.8-to-5-star ratings with encouraging feedbacks and reviews. 

 Are The Doctors Experienced and Qualified?

Experienced and Qualified














Every telehealth portal ensures the provision of health support through highly experienced and qualified professionals. You can always have a look at their experiences and distinctions below their profiles (also patient feedback to a particular professional in the form of star ratings). All the professionals follow standard protocols and receive proper training before starting their career on telehealth portals. This systematic approach is one of the main reasons behind success of every telehealth channel.

Can I receive Prescriptions via Telehealth?

Prescriptions via Telehealth


Yes. The doctors on a telehealth platform are fully authorized to prescribe medicines when they think it necessary. Most prescriptions provide coverage for general conditions like common colds, sore throats, sinus infections, UTIs and eye infections. But they can also prescribe other medicines and suggest some laboratory investigations.

Alert! Telemedicine is not for Emergencies.

One thing highly important to understand is that telehealth is not a substitute for clinical care during emergencies such as accidents or life-threatening conditions that require immediate interventions.

You can get forms and medical slips via Telehealth.

Online visits with doctors can also help you get medical slips and certificates for office or school’s documentation. (3)

Do Online Visits Fall Within My Range of Affordability?

Contrary to the popular belief, Online appointments are not very expensive. These services are much cheaper as compared to in-person visits (which to keep in mind also include travel expenses which make them highly expensive especially when you have to travel inter-city or out of country perhaps). With telehealth, you can connect with medical specialists from across the globe.

So, talk to an online doctor today and find solutions to your health problems from the comfort of your homes. 


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