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Palo Alto Sewer Inspection Is Important for Any Homeowner

Sewers are best left tucked away and forgotten about. At the same time, one must note how critically important they are to the normal functioning of most homes today. Because of their importance, they do deserve our consideration. Yet, unless something goes wrong with the sewer, few bother to even think about it. Nonetheless, it is important to check out the sewer and insure that it is properly functioning at periodic intervals throughout the lifespan of a home. This is even more important if your are considering the purchase of an older, existing home that may look to be in ill-repair. Sewers do need to be properly maintained and cleaned, lest they erupt and become a critical problem at the most inopportune of moments. For this reason, and many other, Palo Alto sewer video inspection is important for any homeowner, regardless of the age of the home in question.

Importance Of Inspecting A Sewer Line

There are many reasons that one should get a proper inspection of a sewer line. Consider trees as an example. Over time, tree roots can actually grow directly into the sewer line causing a major problem if left unchecked. The roots themselves can make their way into the tiniest of opening. When they do so, they can latch onto various other types of debris that effectively causes a backup of grease, eggshell waste, or any of a number of other potent materials that are best left unseen. It is possible that chemicals can be applied to kills the tree roots, but they still may reappear at a later date. If they do, the pipe may actually become damaged. This would require an excavation to be performed in order to adequately fix the problem.

Many homes in the Palo Alto area were constructed prior to city sewers taking over. These often made use of cesspools. As the city began to install a public septic system, these cesspools were all too often simply connected to the sewer line. The only way to know if your home is affected is to actually have a sewer inspection performed. Other older homes may suffer from any of a number of other ill-fitting pipes and sewer related problems as well, necessitating an inspection.

Inspection Made Easy

A cctv sewer inspection is easy – just call a plumber. Most plumbing companies will have a qualified technician that can come out to your home with a camera that can be used to inspect the sewer. If you have a real estate agent, they can often recommend a company to you. A plumbing company will typically use a type of snake that is attached to the camera in order to get a proper picture. You can actually view the images right on a monitor if you so desire.

A sewer inspection is not expensive, and it will be well worth it. If there is nothing wrong, then you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the sewer should provide you with many happy years of use. If there is a problem, however, it is better to know about it early on so that it can be repaired. Waiting too long will be time consuming, messy, and possibly quite expensive.

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