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How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Computing in Columbus

Businesses of all sizes, industries and locations are turning to cloud services. Spending on off-premise cloud computing infrastructure and platforms are projected to grow at a five-year compound annual growth rate of 14.2%, according to IDC. Gartner states, by 2020, the shift to the cloud will affect more than $1 Trillion in IT spending.  Today we’re going to discuss 6 ways your business can benefit from cloud computing in Columbus.
Studies indicate, companies that adopted cloud services experienced a 20%+ average improvement in time-to-market, 18%+ average increase in process efficiency and 15%+ reduction in IT spending. Together, these benefits led to a 20% increase in company growth.

Following are 6 advantages of cloud computing that organizations are enjoying today, leading to measurable improvements in their businesses.

1. Up-to-date software: With cloud computing, Columbus organizations have immediate access to latest versions of applications that are important for successful business growth. Security patches and software upgrades provide business associates with new features and functionality, leaving your team more time to focus on supporting and growing the business.

2. Do more using less: Cloud computing allows organizations to avoid large capital expenditures associated with refresh cycles, the opportunity to downsize network operations and, on occasion, completely eliminate their data centers. Reducing the data center footprint significantly reduces IT costs, which includes hardware and software maintenance, as well as staff compensations. While expenses are minimized, the capabilities of business functions are not impacted.

3. Flexible costs: There is more flexibility in cloud computing costs than in traditional IT infrastructure-associated costs for Columbus businesses. Companies only need to pay for server and infrastructure capacity that is required to run their business. This flexible capacity is available on as-needed basis and can scale up or down based upon business needs.

4. Always available: Cloud providers aim for 100% uptime and some are able to maintain up to 99.99% service availability. That equates to 53 minutes of unplanned downtime per year whereas 99.95% availability would be 4.38 hours of downtime annually. The connection to cloud-serviced applications is available to associates regardless of their location, as long as there is reliable Internet connection. There are also some cloud-based applications that are available “off-line”. When data and applications are available to employees regardless of their physical location, they can perform their work anywhere via smart phones, tablets and laptops.

5. Enhanced collaboration: Cloud applications improve collaboration by allowing disperse groups of people to meet virtually and easily share information in real time. This ability also improves document control as edits from multiple documents and emails do not have to be sorted and merged. This can reduce time-to-market and improve product development and enhance customer service.

6. Improved data security: When your data resides in a central location and not on your endpoints (desktops, laptops, and phones), your control of who accesses that data greatly improves. When a staff member loses a phone or a laptop is stolen, wipe commands are issued and less panic ensues because no data resides on those devices.
Don’t get left behind – step into today and grow your company with cloud computing in Columbus. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and let’s discuss how it can benefit you!

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