Palo Alto Sewer Inspection Is Important for Any Homeowner Trenchless 

Palo Alto Sewer Inspection Is Important for Any Homeowner

Sewers are best left tucked away and forgotten about. At the same time, one must note how critically important they are to the normal functioning of most homes today. Because of their importance, they do deserve our consideration. Yet, unless something goes wrong with the sewer, few bother to even think about it. Nonetheless, it is important to check out the sewer and insure that it is properly functioning at periodic intervals throughout the lifespan of a home. This is even more important if your are considering the purchase of…

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GES Live Events Team welcomes New Vice President, Nicholas Mirabili Tech 

GES Live Events Team welcomes New Vice President, Nicholas Mirabili

One of today’s most exciting and unforgettable events to be found is the live event presentations produced and offered by the global live event company, GES. L And now the latest news coming out of Las Vegas brings the announcement that another unusual talent, Nicholas Mirabile, has joined the GES’ Epic Events Team.As we know, GES plans and provides full-service exciting live events across the globe.With such impressive live events as the Harry Potter exhibition in which visitors learn all about the inner workings of films like Harry Potter to…

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The Grateful Dead as Business Pioneers Tech 

The Grateful Dead as Business Pioneers

The Grateful Dead inspired the sixties generation, but they weren’t just a hippie pop culture phenomenon. They were something akin to the spirit of the times, but that inspiration is still alive and opening doors for the business world of the digital age. The Grateful Dead in music, have shown many matured hippies the light of ethical business practices for a pragmatic new world. Years before becoming a billion score software tycoon, Brian Halligan was a Deadhead. Being introduced to the Grateful Dead in 1985, Halligan listened to their soulful…

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An Outline of Trenchless Technology Options for Your Home Trenchless 

An Outline of Trenchless Technology Options for Your Home

The trouble with most pipe drainage systems is that they are quite vulnerable to cracking, deterioration, or simple wear and tear. Working with this kind of system can be daunting, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Applying the wrong repair techniques can cost you thousands of dollars on materials, labor, and remedial landscaping. The good news is there is a suitable solution: single application, non-invasive trenchless repairs. Pipe bursting, manhole-to-manhole curing, and pipe lining can repair severely damaged pipes effortlessly with just a fraction of what conventional…

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What Is CCTV Sewer Inspection? Trenchless 

What Is CCTV Sewer Inspection?

Introduction One of the most difficult processes in sewer line inspection and repair is to determine the exact cause of the problem., Some problems are obvious, such as a broken sewer pipe. But other problems need to be correctly identified in order to arrive at a permanent solution. Advances in technology have created CCTV, or Closed Circuit TeleVision, cameras to go inside the actual sewer line and give the repair company the ability to exactly identify the problem. CCTV Benefits CCTV technology is not always the best way to approach…

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Composite Manhole Covers Are the Next Step in Manhole Protection Trenchless 

Composite Manhole Covers Are the Next Step in Manhole Protection

If you have ever worked in the infrastructure business, or otherwise know something about it, you are probably very aware that there are many parts that have been deemed antiquated. After all, in the past few years, pipes have had to be replaced, fitting changed, and many more adaptations made in order to take advantage of new and better materials as well as to prevent failure of old materials. Why should manholes be any different? A recent story published in Trenchless Technology reported that in the United States alone, there…

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Canada’s Arctic- An Untapped Gold Mine…Of Tourism Tech 

Canada’s Arctic- An Untapped Gold Mine…Of Tourism

When Iceland’s economy hit rock bottom, it the tourists that took Iceland back to the top. Canada’s Arctic is a region that surely can use an economic boost. It is lacking the infrastructure it needs to obtain the boost. Tourists can certainly help make it happen because the region is stunning and culturally rich. Canada’s High Arctic islands are amazingly beautiful. Snowy owl chicks can be seen making their homes here. It is a nature lover’s paradise. A variety of wildlife survives here even in the freezing climate like foxes…

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Tales From Startup Survivors Tech 

Tales From Startup Survivors

This is a notion which is appealing to middle management veterans who have tired performance appraisals. For those who are not initiated the corporate world to the land of startup can be skinned in walking into a universe which is Kafkaesque where the caution must be preceded by the uninitiated An editor in technology-Dan Lyons said that he learned lessons on making a laep. He documented this in his book [My adventure in the start-p bubble].His tales started on 2012 with a scenario which was familiar with a scenario which was…

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How to Find Halal Stock Market Investment Options Tech 

How to Find Halal Stock Market Investment Options

Halal stock market investment decisions are made according to the principles of Islam. This is a faith-based approach of managing investments. Many investors consider it as a social and ethical investing. Principles of Islam requires investors to share their profit and loss receiving no riba[interest] and do not invest in businesses prohibited by Islamic sharia[laws].It is good to do evaluation on records of business finance and activities to determine where the revenue can come from and how to invest. A company which is halal is the one that meets the…

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